Favourite Chinese Foods in Indonesia

by Jeffrey Ansen
Chinese Foods

Chinese Foods

Indonesia is one of the countries that get the quite big influence of Chinese cultures in every aspect, including the cuisines. There are many foods in Indonesia that get the influence of Chinese foods. Most Indonesians love the Chinese foods. It is not only about the taste but also the good smell and beautiful colour of the dishes. Of course, most Chinese foods in Indonesia also have gotten the influences of the local cuisines and taste. There are many Chinese foods that are commonly enjoyed by Indonesians and the most Favorite China’s foods in Indonesia are as follow. Chinese lessons teach us about how important to be proud of our own culture, especially in cuisine.

Peking Duck

Peking Duck is a roasted duck dish in sour and sweet taste. Firstly, the raw duck is roasted, then spiced with sweet and sour spices, and then roasted again. Most Indonesians love this dish, especially if the restaurant serves the roasted duck with Sambals or other typical condiments of Indonesia.


Kwetiau is a kind of noodle that is originally from China. Most Indonesians love noodles, including the Chinese food influenced called Kwetiau. Commonly served with typical oriental spices and ingredients, the wider and chewier texture of the noodle creates special taste. That is why it becomes one of the most favourite Chinese foods in Indonesia.

Fu Yung Hai

Fu Yung Hai is like an omelette from China. Made in the larger size and typical ingredients, Fu Yung Hai is commonly served with tomato sauce, minced carrots and green beans as the toppings. Like in the origin, the dish is commonly enjoyed with rice by the Indonesians.

Tamie Cap Cay

Cap Cay is one of the most common dishes served in every Chinese Food Restaurant. It also becomes the most commonly served home dish in Indonesia. The colourful vegetables and seafood or meat as the ingredients make Cap Cay as one of the healthy menu served for the family. In Tamie Cap Cay dish, the thick sauce of Cap Cay collaborates with the crunchy Tamie (a kind of crunchy noodle), making a more special sensation in the taste and becomes Favorite China’s foods in Indonesia.


Bakpao is a Chinese pastry, originally made with minced pork meat filling. In Indonesia, the steamed bread has been modified with various options of filling, such as mung beans, minced chicken breast, mushrooms, chocolate sauces, strawberry sauces, etc. It becomes one of the most favorite snacks in Indonesia.

Jiao Zi

Jiao Zi or Chinese dumpling is one of the most favourite Chinese foods in Indonesia. The dumplings commonly get the fillings such as chopped meats, fish, or shrimps, even though it was originally made with pork meat filling. The dish is very popular and loved in Indonesia, especially when it is served warm with spicy sauces.

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Bakcang is a special traditional snack of Chinese people when they celebrate the certain holiday. It is made from floured sticky rice and filled by meats or mushrooms. Bakcang is wrapped by bamboo left and then boiled properly to get the chewy texture. Commonly, Chinese people also make the sweet version of the snack; made without filling but enjoyed with the sweet brown sugar sauce. The special snack also becomes one of Favorite China’s foods in Indonesia.

From Chinese lessons we learn that culture penetration cannot run well without having a pride of our culture.

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