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Few Things You Need to Know About Designing a Logo

A logo is an embodiment of a company, organization or any group. I can be used to represent the purpose or aims of any organization. Sometimes a Logo is what gives people or consumers the first impression of the company.

Creating a Logo doesn’t require you expert graphic design skills; all it has to have is uniqueness. A Logo with good and catchy design helps a person remembers your company quickly, making you visible in the market. But what does it really need to be a good one?

Before deciding on your Logo Design, you need to know the types

Many among logos you see are printed as letters or numbers; these are called Logotype or Wordmark. Good examples of companies that use watermark logos are Disney and Microsoft. This type of logo design is usually incorporated with unique fonts together with the company name to catch the public’s attention.

Another type of Logo uses symbols to represent their group or company; they are called Iconic or Symbolic. Apple Corporation uses this type of logo with their trademark “Apple” Logo; another one is McDonald’s with their representation of the “M” logo.

The last one is the Combination Marks graphic design. In this logo type, the first two types are combined. Sometimes, companies that have a Combination Mark type of logo also have a registered Symbolic Logo or Wordmark Logo. These logos are interchanged depending on where they will be printed or on what they will be used with. A good example for this is the company “Adidas”; notice that they sometimes just put the word “adidas” on their apparel or the trademark “leaf logo” that they use. Another one is “Pepsi”, they use the combination of the word “pepsi” and the “circle with a red and blue color”, or sometimes they just use one.

A good Logo Design should be Unique, and everything else follows

Nothing beats a unique logo when it comes to marketing your products. When people see your logo, they remember your company. It’s the public badge for your company so make sure it’s one of a kind.

Your logo design must tell a story. It should tell people what your company does or something about how the company has started and what are its aims or services, etc.

The graphic design of your logo must be light to the eyes. The logo sets out first impression; it’s better to have lighter and simple design. Sometimes when it comes to designing your logo, simplicity is the beauty. It’s the same as web design. Sometimes a website would be designed in such a way that it’s hard to navigate on. It gets so frustrating when you’re lost within web pages; same thing applies for your logos; also, it’s better to choose a basic or few color combinations.

If you have little knowledge about designing a logo, it’s best to hire a Graphic Designer when, it might be expensive to get one but rest assured that all the characteristics of a good logo is achievable with their help. Hire them and tell them the graphic design you want, and they’ll take care of everything. Find a designer that knows your taste, it will be easier for you to work with them.

These are few of the basic things you want to consider when choosing designs for your logo. Just remember that the key is it’s a representation of yourself, your company, and what it does. It may not be easy designing a good logo, but when you get a good one, time and money spent on creating it is surely worth it.

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