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Simple SEO Tips Anyone Can Follow

The internet is now a wide platform of advertisement and marketing, and with the prevailing presence of constant competition, it can sometimes prove difficult for websites to get known or noticed. Through search engine optimization, websites can gain an audience, a reputation, and the probability of more visitors in the future. Proper search engine marketing (SEM) is vital for the knowledge of the presence of a new or existing website to grow and spread. The following are tips on how to attain better SEO for your website:

  • Know your current status. – Before you make any possible changes to your website, make sure you evaluate your current standing. Are you visible to search engines? If not, what are you doing wrong? Ask yourself the questions that might contribute to the possibility of the site being stagnant.
  • Evaluate content and composition. – Is your content in HTML format? If it isn’t, then web spiders are unable to find it, and your site won’t be visible on search engines. Properly develop your web content. If you have video or audio in your website, then accompanying it with a transcription will enable web spiders to find it.
  • Keep an eye on your competition. – Why, because they do all the research for you. If two people (or websites) are using the same SEM techniques, then those techniques would obviously be visible on their website. This gives you ideas of what you need to do and alternatively might even save you some cash if they paid for those SEM techniques. You might as well do it; they’re probably watching you too.
  • Keywords. – If your website is about something specific, think about what keywords need to be used in order for it to be searchable by your audience. Choose the right words or phrases that provide a rough outline, in a nutshell, about what your site is about.
  • Know who your target audience is. – When catering for something specific, know who your target audience is, their age range, gender, what they do, what they like and don’t like. Knowing your target audience knows what they type into a search engine; making you visible to the people you need to be visible to.
  • Follow through for your target audience. – When an audience has found your website, make sure you give them what they want. Answer the questions they want answered before they even ask and provide them with the information they need but never thought to inquire about.
  • Hire a good content writer. – A website is all about what’s in it; make sure you have a writer who writes well, is interesting, sounds friendly and has the potential at drawing in an audience. Website content writers also need to have knowledge on basic SEO techniques, use simple and understandable words, and reach the points you need reaching.

So that’s it. If you follow these simple SEO tips, then your website might just work out and get the attention you want from the audience you are targeting.

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  • SEO Tips

    Simple SEO Tips Anyone Can Follow

    The internet is now a wide platform of advertisement and marketing, and with the prevailing presence of constant competition, it can ...
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  1. Profeseor

    06/05/2015 at 5:06 PM

    Nice tips
    I think the best tips is to hire a good content writer who knows about SEO-friendly. Many writer good to write to people see, but not by SEO see. So good content writer must be underscored to have good basic SEO skill too.


    • Japracool

      09/12/2015 at 1:56 AM

      Exactly! Thank you for your comment by the way 🙂


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