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Social Media Marketing Mistakes

The Major Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media has become one of the most important avenues for marketing and advertising today, and if you aren’t leveraging every single drop of this “juice” you’re going to watch as your competitors leapfrog you in the industry and begin to steal your market share.

At the same time, there are a number of major social media marketing mistakes you simply cannot afford to make – with the most dangerous and deadly ones outlined below.

Have a consistent posting schedule that you stick to

Too terribly often, otherwise smart and savvy business owners get all excited about the power of social media and flood their social media accounts with new posts, new updates, and new uploads – only to watch as the excitement slowly wanes, and their posting schedule drops off.

You need to stick to a regular (or at least semi regular) posting schedule that people can anticipate – with room to upload “breaking news” whenever it happens – or you’re going to watch as your engagement drops off dramatically.

Create exciting, interesting, and engaging content that fosters communication

Another big mistake then you simply cannot afford to make his forgetting that social media is first and foremost social, and not just a platform for you to market and advertise wildly.

Be smart about the social posts you upload, and always try to create exciting, interesting, and engaging content that brings your marketplace into your sphere of influence, improving the relationship between you, your prospects, your customers, and other industry leaders at the same time!

Stop focusing on what your competitors are doing, and instead create your own social media voice

Though it certainly can be worthwhile to pay at least a little bit of attention to what your competitors are doing on social media (if you’re looking to do a bit of reconnaissance), fixating on what they’re doing and trying to “one of them” is never going to be an effective social media strategy.

Instead, you be looking to create your own social media voice, allowing you to cut through the clutter and noise and really resonate with your target prospects and people in your industry.

Don’t be afraid of using controversy, mystery, and intrigue to increase your social media following

Finally, and this is a bit of an advanced tactics or you may not want to dive headfirst into it without a bit of planning, plotting, and strategy, but controversy can be an amazingly effective way to garner ridiculous amounts of social attention in a hurry.

If you really want the world to know about your business, your products, or your services and are finding it difficult to claw through all of the other social media posts that are dumped into the web on a regular basis, don’t be afraid of dropping a couple of controversial, mysterious, or intriguing social posts into the mix without clear explanations to drive interest in your social media account wild exhalation point

Obviously, there are other things that you can do to improve your social media standing, but these are certainly some of the most effective.

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